Failed the Bar Exam
It may not be what you studied that caused you to Fail the Bar Exam, but
The 43-Day MBE Study Program

About The 43 Day MBE Study Program

This program is not for you if you want a typical data base driven program that holds your hand and gently guides you along, allowing you to study at your leisure, relax whenever you want, pick up your studies when and where it's convenient, or watch a video. Some of you know, they won't be playing videos for you at the Bar Exam.

The 43 Day MBE Study Program is NOT A DATA BASED DRIVEN PROGRAM. This program addresses two tasks; improving your study habits and through that improving the acquisition of knowledge. Getting great grades is for the most part not a matter of intelligence but rather a question of your study habits.

The 43 Day MBE program attempts to improve your study habits by its structured study design; the program is divided into five sections. These sections will provide you with a study method that is of a very disciplined nature with precise daily schedules you must follow to maximize its benefits.

Second this program addresses a better understanding of the Law through a process of multiple question reviews, aided by the disciplined precise daily schedules.

The reviews identify your problem areas from the general to the specific and after several reviews and cataloging, back from the specific to the general.

For example, after identifying a problem in the general category of Contract Law you are instructed to record the specific element of Contract Law you answered incorrectly such as "acceptance." After reviews of the specific elements that you answered incorrectly you will move to a further review process. In this review you will be instructed to catalog all the subject areas Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence (Federal Rules), Real Property, and Torts. Cataloging will help you identify from the specific to the general. For example; if at the end of answering all the question scattered through all your review sheets the cataloging showed you answered a few Contract questions incorrectly, dealing with offer, consideration, adhesion, this shows that you will need to review the more general subject of Contract Formation.

Using this approach your time is focused where it needs to be, not studying every element of Contract Law.

Program Requirements

Before purchasing this program; be sure you can acquire 2,000 Multistate Bar Exam practice questions. Practice questions are not included with this program. Find a creditable source from your Law School. You must have in hand if you do not already have 2,000 completely unmarked practice questions, with coherent answer explanations to use this study program. You will also need course outlines for Civil Procedure, Constitutional Law, Contracts, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Evidence (Federal Rules), Real Property, and Torts.

Try to get the questions/answers in a booklet form or a printable copy that you can compile into a booklet, this is the preferred form. If not, it will necessitate some use of your electronics, which if used must be used exclusively for the 43 Day MBE program when in a study session. The more you interrupt your session the less you will retain. The process of do and review works best if NOT interrupted. Every time you interrupt a Study Session unnecessarily YOU REDUCE YOUR CHANCE OF SUCCESS. Answers to the questions and review sheets are recorded and compiled by hand by you. To some of you this may seem a waste of time given a dBase's capabilities. You may find to your surprise, the more you participate in the process the more you learn.

From the Author

If you can dedicate 43-week days or their equivalent preparing for the MBE this program can help. Caveat; Some of you may need to use part of either some Saturdays or Sundays in Session I.

Good Luck; I make no guarantees as to you passing the MBE, only your dedication will be the determining factor.

— Michael

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